Why hiring a matchmaker is great for your professional reputation

Successful people have one thing in common; they are keen to uphold a clean image. An image of a respectful person in society who is admired and respected by peers. Yet highly successful individuals find it just as hard to meet a partner as your every day Joe, if not harder.
 Your everyday Joe may not mind spending a minute creating a dating app profile. Or completing an in depth profile online, detailing their romantic requirements and personal interests.
 But for a serious professional, such a public display may be enough to bring them out in hives.
The possibility of accidentally  ‘swiping’ or being seen by a colleague or client can prove embarrassing. With recent hacking scandals, such as the site Ashley Madison, revealing details of users publicly online, it can prove a very embarrassing situation. In addition to if users anonymity is broken, disgruntled ex-business associates, recently fired employees or anyone with an axe to grind could exploit this by taking personal information and engage in an Internet smear campaign.  They could misconstrue an intention of meeting new people or making new business connections on Tinder as looking for hook-up sex or wishing to have an affair.  If information like this comes out online, it could result in ruined business, lost deals or broken personal relationships.
Not to mention the money rich and time poor professional may not have the patience to invest in searching, interacting and attempting to vet people online. Which can take hours away from daily work productivity.
 With using a personal matchmaking service, singles need not display their information to thousands online, or invest time in the search.
With a team of matchmakers dedicated to screening out time wasters.
And discreetly sharing individual profiles, with pre screened and selected individuals.
All they need to do, is give the go ahead, and turn up on dates to test the physical chemistry.
Many affluent individuals now consider matchmakers as an extension of their team of helpers, which often includes personal trainers, life coaches, and PA’s.