Dating Mindfully

In today’s society our lives are busier than ever. In between careers, families and relationships (on top of hobbies and social lives let alone paying bills!) we barely have time to stop for a moment and ‘smell the daffodils’. It seems we don’t even have time to breathe and if we do, we feel guilty that we should be doing something productive so that time becomes counterproductive. So it comes as no surprise that we start to feel exhausted and unfulfilled.

It is good therefore to sometimes take a step back and become more self-aware, addressing our issues and feelings at a certain moment such as listening to someone completely, not texting at the same time or thinking about other things whilst doing so. Meditation, yoga and religion can all help us become more in tune with our own minds and help our bodies; it has even been proven to have health benefits. But how about connecting with other people and forming relationships?

Surely we need to find people who also desire a similar state of mindfulness, defined as ‘being present and accepting things for what they are’, someone with similar values and beliefs.

This Friday come along to our special event to achieve connections with people who are striving to be the best possible version of themselves at the glamorous Eight Members’ Club. Throughout the evening we will be engaging with guests such as asking questions that take you beyond the small talk to form deeper and more spiritual connections in addition to spiritual exercises to hopefully have you heading home with a new positive outlook and perhaps a date with someone who sees things like you do. If you are tired of the same old clubbing scene or the happy hour soho bars, this event is for you, young professionals with a positive and professional outlook to dating.

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