Brexit and dating.

Can you find romance with someone who politically opposes you? I don’t mean you’re both champions of the EU Referendum, proudly chorusing your beliefs on campaigns around Britain. I mean, someone who just thinks differently to you. You’re a conservative and they’re a liberal. You love the environment and they think recycling is a waste of time. With the amount of dating apps, seminars, meet-ups and match-making agencies that are out there, all geared to help you find “the one” does your political leanings become a key factor in deciding who gets to whisk you around the garden at midnight and kiss you until your knees become know like they told us would happen in EVERY DISNEY MOVIE EVER. Except maybe Sword in the Stone (there’s a reason it’s my favourite).

To this question I have always answered an unequivocal yes. Until quite recently, I believed that the entire political system was a flawed bureaucracy that needed to be revolutionised, until Jeremy Corbyn came onto the picture and then I might as well have laid down my pitchforks and declared him as my saviour, such am I a sucker for a man of the people. However, in reality, who the Prime Minister is important, but it’s not the reason why the individual I choose to date has to have the same political leanings as me. For me, it is crucial to find a partner whose core beliefs and values align with my own. For me, dating a member of a far-right political stance would be out of the question. My left-wing, socialist views determine yes, who I vote for but they also inform how I treat people, what I consider important to maintain a healthy and happy soul, and what information I absorb and disregard.

In the wake of Brexit, politics has become a hot-bed of passionate emotions coursing throughout Britain. So much so that even a Remainders dating app is within the works, giving remain voters of Britain solace in the arms of another like-minded individual. It is evident that for many men and women, determining one another’s politics, it is a good way to gauge how your prospective partner considers certain issues, and whether or not they will have the same attitude to life as yourself. But then, this all depends on how important such topics are. If you are someone who cares nought for politics, then really, what’s the problem?

There are many couples who find a way to sustain a perfectly happy relationship that inhabits two harshly opposing views by avoiding a political debate. If you find someone who is perfect for you but happens to disagree with you on that one aspect, then why not agree to disagree? If the mention of immigration laws in the wake of Brexit makes both your blood boil then perhaps discuss the latest episode of Game Of Thrones instead? All is not lost in love and war if you agree to surrender to the other’s whims at some point. This is the reason why I persistently preach honest and open communication. This is essential, not just in love, but in every aspect of your life because it is only through being honest and open with yourself and others will you truly reach your full potential both in your personal and professional life. If a political viewpoint is important to your partner, what better way to get to know them than to listen and learn why or how they developed this political prospective. Perhaps the answer is one you didn’t expect and you’ll be able to help them develop a more well-rounded view? Perchance you yourself will discover a position that you have never considered? Respect is key. An open-minded approach politically, culturally and emotionally can only build a stronger foundation for you to build the pillars of your relationship upon. You do not have to believe in your partner’s ideologies, but you can practice respecting your partner for having a mind that is passionate about it’s political values. Perhaps if your partner believes you are wiling to listen to them, they too will be open to hearing your own arguments. For as Ghandi said “an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”.