The Royal Wedding and marrying your type

As a matchmaker, I always talk to people about their types and preferences, look at their dating history, what usually catches their eye, and what is it that captures their heart.

What catches the eye is important, but it’s the qualities in a person, that really captures your heart.

Like the way they love animals, or the kindness they show to the homeless person on the street, the way they hold your hair back after a drunken night or bring you tea and toast. It’s the little things in a relationship that ultimately go a long way, and a person’s character, that you really grow to appreciate beyond the initial physical attraction.

Everyone is talking about the Royal wedding, taking place this weekend, and all eyes will be on the beautiful bride, Mixed race actress Meghan Markle.

But would have people betted on Harry marrying a mixed race, American, divorcee?

On paper, it probably doesn’t sound like a match.

Most would assume looking at his dating history, he would have ended up marrying an English, blonde, Oxford/Cambridge/Eton educated, unmarried woman.


If Harry had gone on a dating site, he himself would have probably put certain filters in place, meaning he probably would have never got to meet Meghan.

But they were introduced by a friend, who thought they would click, and sure enough they did!


Now friends are not always the best matchmakers, often they think because they know two single friends, that is enough reason to make the introduction.

As if being single is a stigma and they just want to see you in a relationship, as if you don’t even meet any other single people.


But meeting through someone else is a great way to meet, as you’re not just meeting a random stranger off the street, you’re meeting someone who someone else has vouched for. Meaning they are likely to be of good character. The only thing friends cannot tell is whether you will have that chemistry.

If I were to have matchmade Harry, I wouldn’t have just shown him pretty blondes, I would have introduced him to a blonde or brunette, with a pretty face, a good sense of what goes on in the world, someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, laid back, keeps calm under pressure, smart, switched on, and a little bit of feistiness about her, I get the impression he likes a woman that can put him in his place a bit when he’s been a little too cheeky! And a jolly good sense of humour.

I’ve never met either of them, but I get that impression from Meghan and can see that cheeky glint in both their eyes.

I just hope the paps will leave them to enjoy as normal lives as possible.

And to all the frizzy hair girls out there like me, here’s proof that you don’t have to have long blonde flowing hair, to find your prince!