Easter, a time for new beginnings

Whether you are religious or not, Easter sets a reminder to us all that we have the chance to start new beginnings. 

Aside from consuming lots of Chocolate, there is food for thought for us all when it comes to Easter time as essentially Easter largely represents rebirth.

We can choose to start again anytime we choose.

We don't need to wait for a new year, a new week or month. Change can occur in just a moment, simply a shift in thought, and perspective.

Since becoming a Mother in November, I have the pleasure each day in watching this beautiful child grow. Each little development she makes, from turning over, her giggles or new sounds is fascinating to me, and as her parents, myself and her Father closely watch her development, and beam with pride at every milestone. 

I meet people all the time, who sometimes are hard on themselves as they feel they have grown up, reached a certain age and not achieved what they wish to have achieved yet. 

Whether that's they are not in a relationship yet, or have got married, had children, earning enough etc.

While not acknowledging where they have grown. 

Growth can come simply, such as an intellectually stimulating conversation with a stranger, or through studying a new subject, learning a new language and travelling to a new place.

As my father has always told me, don't worry if you're not the finished product yet, you are supposed to continually evolve.

Your identity is not tied to a job, a relationship, or your financial status.

You are here to grow. 

And any given moment that you give yourself permission, you can begin the process of change, and evolve, creating the life that you, as the artist of your life has imagined for yourself. 

Step out of your comfort zone, open your arms and embrace the new beginnings that await you. 

And if you wish today eat lots of chocolate, the diet can start again tomorrow.