Why you need to look beyond a picture when looking for a partner

As Matchmakers it is our job to help secure people dates, we get peoples great qualities and attributes across to prospective matches, so they have more depth to base their decisions to date a person on. When in usual circumstances, we usually make up our minds whether we find someone desirable within a few seconds, whether that's by looking at a photo on a dating app, or even when in a crowded room. But what if you had a deeper insight into that person, so when the first time you spoke you already had common ground and things which you could connect on. They would then be more than just a face, but someone we perhaps could 'see' ourselves with? 

We've all found ourself in the situation where a person looks worse in the flesh than they appear in a dating profile. But what about if they actually looked better, and you ' swiped' no on the basis of an unflattering picture alone?

What a tragedy that would be, to spend your whole life searching for ' the one' only to miss out on meeting due to a bad photographer.

Although we are in the age where online dating, and dating apps are in hot supply, we don’t believe you should basing your decision on whether you want to meet someone on a photograph.

For starters how many of us admit to not being particularly photogenic?

Or don’t actually like posing for pictures? It also doesn’t seem fair to try to sum up a persons look by one still image, that was captured in one moment in time.

If chemistry and attraction is what you’re after, it takes a bit more than a glance at a snapshot.

It takes eye contact, tone, a persons presences, how they smell, how they’re dressed,  how they look when they’re smiling ‘ genuinely ‘and just that vibe that you feel when you’re with them. That can only be established by meeting in person. 

Although we now do use photos to support our members profiles, one of our earliest success stories, came from a blind date - the couple went on to get engaged.

There's also a fair few celebrities, that have lasted the long haul, having met in the same scenario.

Such as Pop legend David Bowie who married model Iman in 1992 after they met on a blind date. The couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in 2012,.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley got set up on a blind date in 1993, but the event turned into a group activity so the two barely spoke. Kelley took her to a movie the next week, and they hit it off and began dating seriously. They got married in November 1993. They now have two kids, one adopted daughter and a biological son. She had entered into a private adoption proceeding before meeting Kelley. The girl, named Claudia Rose, was christened on the same day Pfeiffer and Kelley were married.

Tom Brady & Gisele met on a “blind” date set up by a mutual friend. “This friend told me he knew a girl version of me,” Brady told Details magazine, with Gisele chiming in: “And he said to me he’d found a boy version of me.”

So there’s proof you can find who you’re looking for even without a selfie!

Let us know your views, have you been on a blind date? And would you consider being set up on one?

Siobhan Copland