MD, Head Matchmaker

Since holding my first dating event in 2010, I've learnt more and more about people and relationships. I know exactly how hard it can be, to meet someone you are truly compatible with, this day and age, with what seems to be more choice than ever, it can be daunting, and confusing knowing just where to look.

I wanted to provide a safe place for people to meet, where I could introduce people in person, from meeting them in person. Although dating apps have their uses, people deserve more than just to be swiped at after a few seconds. They deserve to be heard and understood. We as humans are complex, and as we mature, our needs change, and sometimes we can be stuck in bad habits, and often we don't always make the best decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. Our confidence can also take a beating when we enter the dating pool, and are competing against thousands of other hopefuls, hoping to stand out from the crowd.

By having a team on your side, to find people for you, people who truly care, and get you. People who are well connected, and will go out of their way to help connect you, that is an empowering position to be in, and I believe gives you a much better chance, of finding a partner, not just for a brief time, but a lifetime.



Assistant Matchmaker, Beauty stylist. 

Ellise joined us further to a background of working in Beauty, Fashion, and account management.

She has a great eye and skill for helping  people accentuate their beauty, with her solid experience as a qualified beauty therapist and hair stylist, she's particularly gifted at helping women bring out their inner glam, and getting that date ready look!

With her warmth, witty charm and sense of humour, it's difficult not to feel at ease, and to see dating as a truly fun experience and as light hearted as it should be. Ellise takes a genuine interest in people and can relate to those from all different walks of life she's genuinely enthusiastic about helping people find the right partner.




Assistant Matchmaker

Saira joined the team, on the back of a career working in Social Care, working closely with families. She is passionate about helping to match great matches, and helping people get into happy healthy relationships, whilst also offering support should any conflict arise. She's a great listener, warm and proactive, with an invested interest in people and relationships, and has always had a natural gift of helping people get on the right path with love, using an intuitive approach towards helping people find the right match.




Assistant Matchmaker

Cindy's extensive background in working in the Media and entertainment industry, as a presenter, actor and model, has connected her with many busy professionals, who are seeking a discreet and focused approach to meeting a partner, who can understand the demands of their hectic lifestyle, makes her a great consultant for our high profile clients. Her warm approach and intuitive style, and industry connections, make her a great go-to person for those seeking a discreet personalised service





Head of Client Services

Teresa has worked in the Fashion industry for many years, in both front of house, and office managements roles, with a great eye for detail, and supporting the running and growth of luxury businesses, Teresa is a welcome asset to the team.

Plus she's great at giving fashion and make up tips too.

Teresa's warm and friendly approach, makes our clients feel truly looked after, something we really take pride in.

And Teresa also loves it when a match comes together, and works with the rest of the team to select matches for clients too.