I didn't always believe I would meet my match... but I have helped many people fine their happy ever after, and I've also found mine. lets make it happen for you!


Siobhan copland, matchmaker, founder. 

I believe regardless of how successful you may be in every aspect of life, without someone special to share it with, there always is a void. We can try to fill it with more work and more activities to fill our time, but eventually we lay our head down on the pillow and realise that it would be really nice to have someone secure in our life, to share the good and the bad times with.

I have always been a romantic at heart, even though I didn’t grow up with the fairy-tale family. I’ve always been fascinated by people and relationships.

I was always good at bringing people together, you could count on me to throw a last-minute party that would turn into a party where new friendships were made, people would get together and everybody had a blast!

After working in publishing in the UK, I moved to Dubai for 2 years. After organising and filling up events out there, I turned my hand back in the UK working in entertainment organising comedy events, whilst working in an architect firm during the day.

I got the dreaded meeting that I was being made redundant. Rather than go and find another 9-5, I decided to pursue my passion for setting people up full time!

Because I’m genuinely interested in people and am truly invested in every client relationship I have, I have a high success rate of matching people.

I look for people who emit similar energy, have similar family backgrounds, personality traits, interests and values are high on the list of matching.

I’ve been working in the relationship space now for almost 10 years, and when I started out I too was in the dating pool and detested the small talk, the searching, the disappointments, people not being as they presented themselves to be online.

I wanted to provide a service for people who just don’t have precious time to waste, they want to meet someone who they already know they have things in common with, who they are likely to find physically attractive and importantly is just as ready to commit to a relationship as them.

My network is not a bunch of desperate singles, they are eligible singles who are single out of choice, until they meet someone who is truly compatible physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.

The service is discreet and confidential, so you will not have your details on a website.

Everyone you meet has first been met with a matchmaker and undergone a screening process to ensure their genuineness and social abilities.

So, you can rest assured to be in good company.

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We've been established since 2013 with our head office located on Brentwood high street Essex.  we work with clients in the uk, and across europe and dubai.