I didn't always believe I would meet my match... but I have helped many people fine their happy ever after, and I've also found mine. lets make it happen for you!

Von copland, matchmaker, founder. 

We believe regardless of how successful you may be in every aspect of life, love is what makes life feel most complete and fulfilling. 

 We know that love is hard to find in today's fast paced society in the world of a swipe culture, it can be hard to stand out and find the diamonds in a hay stack - especially for successful and high net worth people.

We aim to find the perfect partner  for our clients who have shared values, like-mindedness and a similar outlook on life.  We believe that person is out there for every one of us. 

Here at Match Me Cupid we offer a truly  a bespoke service tailored to each of our member’s individual requirements we are here to search, coach, guide and inspire our aspirational clients.

Von Copland starting organising singles events in 2009, and went on to set up the service full time in 2013, following a career as a celebrity PA, and presenter, and a solid background, organising and planning corporate events.

Message from our founder Von Copland

21013 was a challenging year! I faced a broken engagement to being made redundant.

I then decided to pursue my passion for connecting people through my events hoping I may also meet my Mr right along the way.

Since people didn't always come to every event I decided to ask my contacts if they would trust me to introduce them to people 1:1. The first people I introduced got engaged, and the next in two babies being born. I realised I had a gift, and pursued it as my full time career.


Then magically I fell in love with someone I had shared a friendship for many years, and we now have a daughter, and I finally am in a relationship where we have a solid friendship as our foundation and where we both give equally, and it feels great!

Over the past 5 years, I have successfully introduced hundreds of busy professionals, and guided them through hurdles that any relationship may face, with my direct honest advice.  

Myself and the team have  helped top CEO's, Celebrities and high end professionals, find the right partner.

My dating advice has been featured in The Daily Mail, Female First, Various Radio talk shows, TV shows and in international media.

 If you are ready to meet your equal, and you have an open heart and mind, we are confident in introducing you to your match.

We have built up a vast impressive network over the years of  the most eligible individuals who have gone on to recommend our service to family and friends. We also work closely with other matchmakers.

If you'd like to arrange a confidential chat, and tell us what you're looking for we'd be happy to tell you more about our unique approach, and how it may benefit you!

With love

Siobhan and the Match Me Cupid team


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We've been established since 2013 with our head office located on Brentwood high street Essex.  we work with clients in the uk, and across europe and dubai.